A Contemplative Formation for the New Evangelization

The Ecclesia Institute ran from 2010-2015 at the University of Mary and gave birth to the Saint John Institute, a 2-year MBA program intent on forming young entrepreneurs for the New Evangelization. The program will return in 2019 to serve a new group of young adults seeking to intensify their spiritual lives and discern their place in the church and the world.

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Ecclesia Denver will run from June 24 to July 7!

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$50 non-refundable deposit due May 1st

We would like to thank all of those who have shown such great support of our Ecclesia Program! For 5 years, Ecclesia formed, united, and inspired over 125 young adults to dare great things in their relationship with Christ.  We give thanks for God’s blessings on this wonderful program!

The Ecclesia Institute was designed to give the participants an experience of the inner life of the Church.  The purpose of the Institute was to make the Church’s mystery present in a tangible way through the Liturgy, the fraternal communion of the participants, the classes dedicated to the pursuit of the Truth, and the culture which flows from Faith.   Through these diverse and rich experiences, and not separated from them, the saving and life-giving presence of Jesus Christ and His Wisdom come to us.

The Community of St. John believes that the New Evangelization being called for by the Church today requires contemplative evangelizers: men and women who proclaim Christ with their whole persons because they love Him with their whole hearts.

By learning how to love Christ intensely and deeply, placing Him first in their days by prayer and incarnating His love in their daily relationships, participants in Ecclesia had the solid foundation in which to effectively situate and assimilate the intellectual formation they received.  At the heart of the Church is a mystery of love:  Love feeding itself on Truth, and Truth bringing forth a deeper and deeper Love.  We wanted Ecclesia to be an experience with this love of God, shared in Community.

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